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Heyyy, this is Sokka! You should leave your message now, so I can hear it when I'm not doing something else.

I guess.

Do I have to do anything else? I mean, I just have to tell them, to leave a message, right? And it's done? Because it looks like it's still recording. Hey! Hey!
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Think my Sokka isn't up to par? Please let me know!

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He lays to rest the lifeless form of the Northern Princess, her long, snow-white hair in stark relief against the encroaching darkness. Where the darkness ought to be fading, where the moon ought to be reviving, he sees nothing, just a high-pitched... it's not even a human sound, it can't be human. If it's laughing or crying, he can't tell; all he knows is that the chill in his bones is not the temperature.

He wades into the koi pond, soaking his boots and coat, trying to get a better look.

Shattering the ice and snow dwellings of the Northern Tribe is... something, a giant monster, dressed in ruffles and lace, laughing-or-crying in despair-or-joy, making no distinction between the Water Tribe civilians or the Fire Nation soldiers.

Sokka splashes his way back to the princess' body, feels again for a pulse, for signs of breathing, and looks for some sign that her sacrifice was anything more than just that...

"I wish this hadn't happened!" he shouts, suddenly, squeezing the limp hand. "I wish she was alive, and I wish I could fight that-- that thing with the weird mechanism dress!"

It's barely out of his mouth when he's blinded in a rush of pink light, so intense he has to drop Yue's hand and back away. His arms go up to cover his eyes, and when it fades, he looks down.

In his hand there's an apple-sized pink jewel.
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[Player name] Kaley
[Age] 23
[Personal Journal] [personal profile] perpetuity
[Other characters currently played]

Youji Kudou / Weiss Kreuz / [personal profile] coolestcat
Dick Grayson / Young Justice Animated / [personal profile] staystraught

[Character name] Sokka
[Age] 15-16ishy
[Canon] Avatar: The Last Airbender
[Point in time taken from canon] Post-The Boiling Rock Read more... )
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[Sokka is holding up a candy cane, spinning the hook part idly around his finger as he talks.]

Not that I'm not completely thrilled, but is there... a reason for all this stuff?

[CAMERA PAN over to where Naila, Mr. Poly-Rolls, and Fluffy--Lapras, Spheal, and Empoleon--are playing frisbee with Sokka's Ice Beam TM. Sokka voice over continues, as the three of them keep fumbling due to the fact that they're all playing with flippers that are varying degrees of useless. Although Empoleon has some advantage in the fact that, you know, half-decent legs.]

I mean, the stuff that just sort of fell out of the sky out of nowhere, okay. Katara says this is normal. But Zatanna also sent me a card and these red and white hooks that I have no idea what they are. Figured they were weapons of some kind, but they started to melt when I tried to wash them, and the red stripes got all over my hands.

I really love them, though, so thank you! I just... what do you do with them? The one got really sticky. It smells really good, too, so I... mightatriedtotasteit but Katara freaked out and talked about this one time--but never mind.

Since it came on the same day as the TM, too, along with a very pretty card, I'm--is this a thing? You know, like something you just do on random, previously coordinated days? Because if so, someone gimme a call and help?
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[After a few hours of watching, pushing buttons, and general trial-and-error... The camera focuses on a cheery blue ball rolling out of the frame… and then back in. And then back out… back in. Back out… back in. Wash, rinse, emphasis on repeat. This goes on just long enough to prompt thoughts of whether or not it’s a recorded loop before Sokka breaks the silence.]

Anybody got a name for this thing? It looks like a seal that swallowed a whole melon! Which I’m sure was not appreciated by its sister seals. Melons being a precious commodity and all, d’you know how much we have to trade for one? Tons of seal pelts. Way too many to risk actually feeding a melon to one.

Seals only eat fish, anyway!

Also, why is it blue? Seals don’t get cold enough to turn blue. Anything who’d turn blue at living in the Poles reeeeally needs to go house-hunting. Like, far away, because ice is really the only building block we got. I mean, they’re good insulation, but only if you do it right. And that tends to require opposable thumbs. Flippers are cool, but this guy's are seriously weak.

So… help?
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Name: Kaley
Livejournal Username: perpetual_poet
E-mail: klynntate at gmail dot com
AIM/MSN: AIM: QLizzyTudor, Plurk: inperpetuity
Timezone: PST
Current Characters in Route: Youji Kudou | WK | coolest_cat

Name: Sokka
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Timeline: post-The Boiling Rock
Canon Resource Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sokka

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